Keep Email on Server but Have Website on a Different Server

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  • Want your email on one server and want your website on another?
  • Learn 4 quick steps to get this one in under 2 minutes
  • Short step by step walk through video

Learn how to keep your email on one server and your website on another.

In this short video I walk you through the 4 quick steps to have your email on one server and your website on another.

Why Keep Your Website and Email on Different Servers?

In my particular case I want to benefit from having my email hosted on a cheaper cPanel hosting account but my website needs a more powerful dedicated solution. So what I did was host my email on a cheap cPanel shared hosting account and host my website on more powerful cloud server.

The setup is quick and simple, I’ll walk you through the process. Click the video below to learn now.

In the video I had a simple explanation of what we were doing, here’s a copy of the DNS entries needed:

To point your domain to an external IP but keep mail local, your zone file entries will look like this:

Email Entries

1 – IN MX 0
2 – mail IN A YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY (this is the local server’s IP)

Hosting Entries

3 – IN A XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX (this is the external server’s IP)
4 – www IN CNAME



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